Facebook Beta Version Available on Windows Phone

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Facebook Beta Version Available on Windows Phone

Microsoft introduced a new version of Facebook client for its mobile platform Windows Phone on the channel beta. Update is designed to bring a number of important new features and improvements in the user environment. Some bug fixes are cleared and smooth chat is available. Better notification system for comments and messages is made possible in the new version for .
First of all, Microsoft has announced that the beta version of Facebook for  has received a fast and reliable notification. Also Facebook Chat functionality has been improved and updated. In addition, metro look and with some stunning visual enhancements.
Not only the visual enhancements of the main unit but the secondary blocks chat, events, groups, pages and photo albums have also been given special care.
In addition, it is reported that important improvements were made in the messaging system, increased performance and added support for new languages. The application is compatible with all devices running under  8 or higher.
The updated version as is in beta mode, so it will be having bugs and will require fixes, so the participants of the beta program can provide feedback about the innovations and to notify the error in the settings menu of the application

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