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There are so many times you check your email box and discover there are so many unpleasant messages from people you don't even know. To make things worse, these emails are spam, irritating offers and useless newsletters, probably from your various subscriptions on the web or from the forums you've joined. Worst of all, these mails are entirely of no relevance to you and now you can't get to read mails from your friends again! Now you are thinking of closing the email account and opening another one. Don't worry, you don't have to close your email, I'm going to give you some tips on how you can stop those useless mails from trooping into your mail box ok? 
With the tips, you can block individual email addresses, or even the entire domain from which you do not want to recieve mails. Ok, let's get started.

For Gmail users 
  • Log into your gmail account
  • At the top right corner, click on mail settings (if you're on mobile, and cannot see it, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on view html
  • under mail settings go to filters, you'll see an option create a new filter, click on it.
  • in the from field, type the email address which you want to block from sending you mails. For example, you may enter in the from field to block all emails from the address, but if you want to block all the mails from a particular domain, then use this syntax: * and all the recieved email from the domain abc will be blocked. where abc can be any email domain e.g. Yahoo, gmail and so on.
  • Click on the next step and select the exploit you would like to take on the blocked emails. You may choose the option to delete the blocked mails if you wish. if you later change your mind and feel like unblocking the nails, all you need to do is just to delete the filter you made

    For yahoo mail users 
  • Log onto your account
  • At the top-right corner,
    click on options
  • A drop down menu will appear, click on more options
  • In the left panel, click on the filters options
  • Next, click on create or edit filters
  • Click on add
  • Give a name to your filter, in the From header field, type the email address you'll like to block. E.g. and if you want to block an entire domain, just type the domain name in this format * where abc can be any domain name e.g. Yahoo, hotmail, etc.
  • Click on the option move the message to trash
  • Click on Save changes 

    For Hotmail users
  • Log into your account
  • At the top-right corner
    click on Options
  • A drop down menu will
    come then click on more options

  • Click on safe and blocked senders
    link under junk email
  • Now click on Blocked
  • Type in the e-mail
    address that you want to
    block under blocked e-mail
    address or domain.
    For example: Enter any email to block
    the e-mail address or just
    enter to block the
    entire domain.
  • Save your settings

    Now you're through, those foolish mails are no where to be found, infact, they can't even come into your mail box again! Your mail box is now free and clean!

    In my next post, I'll show you the trial on how you can open more than one facebook or twitter account with just one email address. This applies for only one gmail users.

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