How to Remove Write Protection of Any flashdrive/Memory Cards

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Now a day’s PC usage is common and everyone uses memory cards, pen drives to transfer data from one computer to another computer. In the recent days flash drives usage is increased tremendously because it is easy to carry and at the same time you can take GB’s of data with these tiny devices. Coming to the point sometimes these pendrives and memory cards doesn’t allow to copy any data to pendrive and only allow to read the data which is stored in that device.
disk is write protectedWhen you are trying to copy something into that flash drive it shows a message like “The disk is write protected”. If it shows message like this you cannot perform any copy paste operations on that USB drive.

Possible Reasons for USB Write Protection:

There are so many reasons for USB write protection, some errors happened due to malware and virus attack, some errors occurred due to PC settings.
  • To prevent from virus PC users make USB drives and memory cards read only.
  • Malware and virus can change settings into read only and can’t be changed.
  • Memory cards have a small button which allows you to read the data only.

How to Remove Write Protection from Pendrive/Memory Cards?

Perform Low-Level Formatting:

By performing low level formatting you can get your pendrive or memory card into previous state. Users must pay attention when do this low level formatting. Because you will loss data which is stored in your pendrive.

Steps to Perform Low Level Formatting:

1. First you need to download one special tool for this operation because by using windows default format method this issue cannot be resolved.
2. Now format your memory card or pendrive using this low level formatting tool.
format using low level format tool
3. After that open run dialogue box by pressing Win+R key combination and type diskmgmt.msc in the box.
4. Now in the disk management system you can find your pen drive or memory card along with other hard disk partitions. Once format your flash drive and allocate space to that drive.
Now your pendrive doesn’t show a message “This disk is write protected” while copying files to pendrive.

Modify Registry settings:

If the above method doesn’t work for you then you can try this method. Before changing registry settings make sure to backup all registry settings. Because changing registry settings lead to system crash.

Steps to Remove Write Protection Using Registry Editor:

1. First you need to open run dialogue box by pressing Win+R key combination and type regedit in that box.
registry editor
2. Now it will open some sort of settings which are related to system settings in windows.
3. Now search for the following registry key through edit menu.
remove write protection using registry editor
4. If the above key doesn’t exist in the registry editor then simply download the below batch file and just run it on your computer. It automatically adds to registry editor.
5. Now again search for that key and this time you’ll definitely find that key. In that go to write protect key and change the value from 1 to 0. Here 0 means off and 1 means ON.
change value from 1 to 0
Here we successfully turn off write protection to your pendrive/memory card using the default windows trick.

Remove Write Protection on Transcend Memory Card/Pendrive:

If you have transcend company memory card/pen drive then this method will work for you. By using the below tool you can remove write protection to any transcend memory card/pen drive.
1. First of all download Online Recovery Tool from the below website and run it on your windows computer.
2. Now connect your write protected transcend pendrive/memory card to PC.
3. Now select any one option from the available two options. If you want to remove data and write protection then choose first option. This option will remove whole data and write protection.
4. If you want to remove write protection only then choose second option, this one only remove write protection from the pendrive and keep your data safe.
5. After choosing desired option click on start button to complete the formatting process.
In this way you can remove write protection to any pendrive/memory card.

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