Ways To Encrypt Data To Store In Cloud

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Ways To Encrypt Data To Store In Cloud

For very many people, security is one of the most important issues when it gets to sending their files into the cloud. They worry that their files will be seen or even compromised by other persons because that is what took place in the past. The user accounts used to be hacked, cloud storage systems failed and personal files and data were exposed. Therefore, how can you successfully prevent that from ever happening even when the account gets hacked or something happens to your provider of cloud storage?
The answer to that question is encryption

Encryption can be defined as the process of making one’s files unreadable with a pass phrase or an encryption key so that even when another person gains access to the files, it does not matter because the intruder will only be able to see gibberish. To be able to see very properly what is in the file, one must have a key.

This article contains the two different ways through which one can make his or her files secure and be able to safely use cloud storage without any worries.

Available options

Essentially, when it gets to encrypting files in the cloud, one has two options from which he or she can choose, that is:

He or she may choose the cloud storage with a built in encryption.
Make use of a service which encrypts folders and/or files for him or her.
Cloud storage service with built-in encryption

Regardless of your choice, both of the ways to encrypt data to store in cloud have advantages and disadvantages. If you decide to go with the dedicated secure cloud service, you might be required to change the entire setup of transferring files to that specific service, familiarize yourself with the way it works and probably give up on a certain third party support, mainly if you come from the most well-liked cloud storage and syncing service, that is “Dropbox”. Alternatively, you have got everything under one hood and you do not have to worry any more about file security and integrity.

Service for encryption only

If you are using a service which is dedicated to encrypting your files, you will be having more control over which files you would like to encrypt and where you would like them to be stored. For instance, you may choose Dropbox, if at all you like the service; and not give up after encrypting the files properly. Conversely, your files might take longer to be properly synced in case you are getting them encrypted using third party apps.


Either way, it is believed to be very necessary to protect one’s files using the most proper encryption, most especially if he or she is using Dropbox for managing his or her critical files such as contracts, password databases, or any other personal or business files which may be considered to be very important.

Depending on an individual, some would like to install another software on their computers just for the purpose of encryption, while others not. Those who don’t may take advantage of the idea of signing up for a dedicated cloud solution which has built-in local encryption for all the files. Some of such solutions available include SpiderOak, Wuala and Cubby. If online viruses are among the things troubling you, you may also consider making use of the Norton Contact Phone number so as to inquire about how you can be helped.

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