How To Hide folder in Mobile Phone

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How To Hide folder in Mobile Phone

 Today I shall tell you that you don't need any software to hide the folders. If you have any JAVA phone from Nokia, LG, Samsung or any other company then this tricks can be used. Just follow the steps.
Hide Folder
1.Create two folders or you can use an existing folder (that is to be hidden) & a new folder.
2.Rename the existing folder (or one of the two folder) to any name but with the extension of .jad. For example, if your folder name is IMAGE then rename as IMAGE.jad
3.Now rename the other folder with the same name but with the extension of .jar. For example, the other folder name will be IMAGE.jar

Your original folder IMAGE (which has been renamed as IMAGE.jad) is now hidden. Only IMAGE.jar folder is visible which is empty.
If you want to see the hidden folder then delete its .jar folder i.e. IMAGE.jar or rename the IMAGE.jar to any name.
How to change folder icon?
You can change your folder icon as theme icon or make it blank.

    1.To show your folder icon as theme icon, just rename the folder as Name.nth
    2.To hide your folder icon and show it blank, just rename the folder as Name.otb

This is working most of Nokia phone and also some Samsung, LG or other companies phone.


Raja Aakash


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