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Before I teach you how to format symbian phones, there are some things I would like you to understand. 
If you are a symbian phone user, and you discover that your mobile phone is acting abnormally, for example, if it takes a long time to load files, process your data, automatically restarts, and so on, it may be that the phone has got virus. And you know the impact of virus on phones, they can destroy and eat up your files when you least expect, and so, there is a need for you to format such phone or else, you may have to regret later. 
The process of formating a symbian phone is not as difficult as some people think, infact, you don't have to take your phone to repairers to do that for you. All you just need to do is to: 
  • first of all, make sure the phone is switched off 
  • press and hold the following keys on the keypad, star (*), the number 3 and the send button button
  • while still holding these buttons, switch on the phone. 
    Once you switch on the phone, formatting starts, don't leave the key combinations until your phone is done with the whole process. Now your phone should be functioning as good as a new one. Please note that this formatting process works on only symbian phones, I tested this on my nokia 6120c before posting. if you are using a java phone, all you need to do is to restore factory settings and if symptoms of virus or whatever problem still persists, you'll probably need to contact a phone engineer.

    If you have anything to say, just post it as comment, I'll be glad to give you a reply asap, feel free to share this info with friends who you think will need and appreciate it. Good day.
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