How To Create A Invisible Account In Windows XP

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How To Create A Invisible Account In Windows XP

A Invisible Account In Windows Xp. What we have do in this hack is really simple just create a DWORD valuein the windows registry and hack the windows user accounts .

Ok so are you sure you want to learn this hack then read ahead,

Steps :-

1. Open Start menu then click on RUN.
2. Type in the Run Window Regedit 
3. Windows Registry editor will open then navigate from the left panel :

4. Create a new DWORD, setting its name to the name of the account you wish to hide.
5. Then set its value to to hide it.
6. Enjoy its Hidden !!

NOTE : This account isn't completely hidden because it is visible to administrators inLocal User and Groups and also the profile is visible in the Documents and Settings.
Now How To Login In it after you have hidden the account :

1. At Welcome screen, and you want to login to this account.
2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete twice and it will display the log-on promt.
3. Type the username, and the password and hit enter.

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