BSNL free gprs trick. Unlimited downloads and surfing.

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BSNL free gprs trick. Unlimited downloads and surfing.

Hi, here is a trick for free unlimited gprs for BSNL..To activate it, just follow these steps: have to create two connections with any name like BSNL 1 and BSNL 2 with the following settings.
AccessPoint Name- “celloneportal”
Proxy Service Address- ” ”
Proxy Port- “8080″
Security- “NORMAL”
No need to edit the other fields.
(If this settings is not working, you have to use the working SETTINGS in your region.)
  • Now activate any of the two settings you created and try to access bsnl’s home page using your phone’s default browser. You will be able to access it.
  • Now open another browser(eg: Opera) with the second settings keeping the default browser open. Now you will get “access denied” message.
  • Keep both browsers working in background and open connection manager. In connection manager just disconnect the first connection.
  • Now open the default browser from background. Now you can access all sites for free..

Raja Aakash


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