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 Pacman on Google

You can play pacman game on google  as well as control it with your keyboard . To playpacman game click  
 on the pacman on google above or text pacman google in google search box

Epic Google 

It will increase the size of google each component bigger and bigger .Open,type Epic Google in the search box on I'm feeling Lucky button 

This work opposite to epic Google .It decrease the size of each component smaller and smaller..Open, type Weenie Google in the search box on I'm feeling Lucky button

 Rainbow Google

To have a rainbow effect on type rainbow google inthe search box and see rainbow google

 Disappearing oo in google

This trick can use to show magic to others by disappearing oo from google. to do this click the above link , after that google search engine will appear to you then click on screen than after that after 3 sec. oo will diaappear


Let Me Google That For You


It wil trace what you search on google and help to share what you search on google with friends.

Dancing Google Logo

For seeing google Logo to dance click on above link .

Put Your Name On Google Logo

 Google In Black

Search with this like as you do in Google . Make your search funny by changing some letters into capital or some into small letters


Google Pirate

It simply make use of google Custom Search To restrict your search to Torrent Files

It will Roll your screen by 360 degree and then show you the content.

It is the one of the best April fool trick use to make fool of peaples by concentrating on instruction and divert then from there search.

Raja Aakash


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