Google Talk Tricks

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Google Talk Tricks

In this post you can find list of tips and tricks about Google Talk. Google Talk is good application for voice and instant messaging, but it can be better. Using these tips and tricks, fix Google Talk disadvantages and also improve it. 

1. Google talk hack: Multimessneger

If you have several Google Gmail accounts this is great tip for you. To get multiple version of Google talk follow instructions below.
Right click on Google Talk shortcut, then go to Properties 

Select shortcut tab, in shortcut tab find Target field .Text in Target field replace with
"c:\program files\google\google talk\googletalk.exe" /nomutex 
, click Apply and OK.
After this click on Google talk shortcut 2( or more) times to get 2 Google talk
Google talk Multimessneger

2. Change your nickname

To change nickname on Google Talk , go to gmail account . then Settings , choose Accounts tab and click edit info. Write name and clickSave Changes

3. Google Talk shortcuts

1. CTRL + Mousewheel up/down: It will change the font size in a conversation window.
2. CTRL + E: Center text
3. CTRL + R: Right justify text
4. CTRL + L: Left justify text
5. F11: Start a call
6. F12: Stop the call
7. ESC: Close the current window
8. For minimizing the current window press ALT + ESC.
9. Some smileys are converted by Google Talk: , :-O, :-x, :-P, :-D, :-), , B-).
10. To write bold text, type the text like this *TEXT*.

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