Use Your Bluetooth/Wifi Enabled Phone As Wireless Webcam

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Use Your Bluetooth/Wifi Enabled Phone As Wireless Webcam
Hi friends I came across a software to use our bluetooth enabled mobile's camera as a webcamera. And I taught of sharring with you so that you too can enjoy this great software.

Here you may need to install two softwares to make this work:
  • One for your computer.
  • And the other for your mobile.
So enough of waiting and let's make it:
  1. Here is the download link for your Computer: CLICK HERE!
  2. And here is the Download Link for your mobile: CLICK HERE! (Here choose the one which suits your mobile's OS)
  • Now in your phone open the app and search for your PC and connect to it. 
  • Important: your pc's bluetooth setting must be set to visible to everyone so that your phone can detect your PC.

Raja Aakash


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