convert text into audio using NOTE pad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Notepad: simple programme .but we can do lot of things with this. Today I going to tell you another notepad tricks. if  you want to convert your text into audio  you havto use any programme. But we from this method u don’t want use any other software . An easy trick from notepad
Let’s start

  • Open notepad.
  • Copy the code bellow.
Dim msg, sapi
msg=InputBox("Enter your text for Conversation | Tool by Irshad (","PC Hacks Text-To-Audio Converter")
Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
sapi.Speak msg
  • Now save it as text_audio.vbs
  • And that's it.
  • Now open the file and type anything. Then click OK.
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