HAck bnsl broadband!

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BSNL Broadband Hacked | How To Hack Bsnl Broadband

Here is the trick for How To Hack Bsnl Broadband I hope you will really enjoy it Follow the below steps to do this 

1. Identify your IP address(don't know visit @ whatismyip.com)

2.Download IP scanner.( i preferangryziber.com/w/Download).

Open IP scanner .GO to option/select port.Enter 80 in 1st option(enter post to scan)

4.In hostname option type ur ip.Click On the ip button next to host name on opening it will automatically fill the ip range.

5.In the first option Let ur original IP be but in the second option fill the ip greated then original.Now click Scan

6.IT will give you LIst of ips showing some ips green on left side.

7.Right click that ip and then to option 'open computer' & select browser

8.ASk for username and pass.GIve username :admin password:admin

9.if it doesnt respond take some other green IP.

10. When pages get open go to home & click Wan.Here uu will see user id and pass in coded form

11.To fetched actual passowrd download this soft from "(scanwith.com/X-Pass_download.htm)

12.Extract files from tht and run'X-pass'.Drag d 'x' icon in password filled and u will get the pass.

13. To check that pass go to

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